Atomic Venom Arc Mask

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The Venom ARC mask further increases clarity, sharpness and light transmittance by coating the Ultraclear Schott Superwite glass with an Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC).

It has a internal frame molded into the silicone skirt for strength, a higher bridge and tear-drop shape which are characteristics of the Subframe mask with the low profile and single pane lens of the Frameless mask. The strap adjustment buckles are fixed directly to the silicone allowing for easy storage and increased flexibility and comfort.

The biggest difference from the other masks in the Atomic range is that the lens glass has been pushed up another step on the clarity scale. Instead of the already superior Ultraclear glass used in the Subframe and Frameless masks, the Venom uses a German glass called Schott Superwite which allows even more light to penetrate into the mask.

The anti-reflective coating reduces reflected light and actually increases the amount of available light transmitted to the diver’s eyes. The coating is a multi leyer metal oxide coating process that is applied to both sides of the ultraclear lens. The result is clearer, crisper vision with improved contrast and clarity

Rating: 4.17

  1. Akhil Manoj says

    suuuuuuper video .

  2. bennos says

    is it ok to use toothpaste on this lens?

  3. Stephen Caldwell says

    Mares I think

  4. mantiscity says

    What make is your watch

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