Suunto Stinger Dive Computer

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The Stinger from Suunto is the only Advanced Computer Watch (ACW) in the world with separate Air, Nitrox and Free/Gauge modes.

This full decompression dive computer is beautifully constructed and compact in size. A great advanced diving computer.

Rating: 3.92

  1. bab bob says and thank you for your valuable advice … if you could send me a video as it happens in EAN to move it from 21% to 40% … for the suunto stinger

  2. Max Longo says

    Suunto has a low quality products. I had a ZOOP, after only 2 and a half years deep sensor broke. Went to the service and no repair possible. Few years ago same problem with my Suunto D4, its only a watch now. Stay away from SUUNTO guys !

  3. Ethan says

    I have this watch great!

  4. adel elsawaf says

    how much the stinger sunto sensor coast

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