Oceanic OCi Dive Computer

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The Oceanic OCi is a full decompression watch size dive computer with wireless air integration that is packed full of features and technology including digital compass, dual algorithm, three gas switching, connectivity with up to three wireless transmitters and dot matrix display.

Rating: 4.36

  1. Noosamike says

    I have had this computer for a year and it works ok but regularly drops the signal to the transmitter when the battery has done more than 20 dives or is over 6 months old. For this reason you will need to have a pressure gauge connected as a back up.  You can change the battery yourself but it will void the warranty including the extended warranty Oceanic offers.  You can buy the battery kits on ebay or in Australia pay A$50 for a watch only battery change at your local dive store.  I like the included software and the PC/Mac interface. I use it on my Mac and that aspect is brilliant. Overall it's a simple computer to use but if you rely on it as the sole measure for your tank pressure be careful.

  2. Danilo Diver says

    would you point the diferences between oci and ocs models?

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