Cressi Nano Mirrored Mask

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The Cressi Nano Mirrored Mask has been designed to have a minimal internal volume with the structure of a framed mask and a mirror finish to the lenses that reduce the glare from the sun.

Hydrodynamic shaping reduces drag and the swivelling buckles aid the anatomic strap from holding the mask on comfortably.

Rating: 4.76

  1. AASIOGRAPHY kaykay says

    Possible to buy for Indians and can you shipped to India ?

  2. T. Liebel says

    How helpful are the mirrored lenses? Would a regular scuba diver benefit?

  3. Dadaly Duong says

    Please make a review on cressi calibro

  4. Erikos Mitropanos says

    is it ok for spearfishing?

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