WaterProof Mens W1 Wetsuit 5mm

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The men’s Waterproof W1 Wet Suit is a 5mm, 3D sculpted suit which has pre formed arms and legs to offer maximum fit.

The suit also features a Spine Pad which provides fantastic protection to the spine and kidney areas. A fantastic, comfortable wetsuit.

Rating: 5.00

  1. Jeffrey Bohémier says

    That's a really nice looking wetsuit. I wish other companies would start making front zip suits. Zippers shouldn't be put where a spine pad should be located. It would be nice however, if somebody at Waterproof realized that people 5'9" aren't a size small. Waterproof has the most ridiculous, convoluted size chart of any manufacturer. They list a person 5'9" as a size SMALL while listing somebody 6' as size LARGE. If you're 5'3", you can just give up on trying to buy any Waterproof products. They apparently don't think such people are worthy of being able to have a high quality wetsuit. It's a damn shame too, as nearly everyone I've ever met around my height are also divers. I guess our money just isn't good enough for the folks over at Waterproof.

  2. Simply Scuba says

    Hi there, thankyou for your question.
    The main difference is the W1 has a slighlty offset front zip and the W2 a back zip.
    I hope this assists.
    Kind Regards

  3. OA Skywalker says

    Is there any technology different or additional technology from one or another? Between W1 and W2?

    Or is it only difference just from front zip and back zip. Thanks

  4. Simply Scuba says

    @daraoa Hi, These are both on going suits, however the W2 is the slightly newer version on the W1. Regards

  5. OA Skywalker says

    Which model is a higher model? W1 or W2? The pricing are the same

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