Omer OMR1 Freediving Computer

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The Omer OMR1 Freediving Computer is just for freedivers that automatically activates and monitors your depth, time and temperature for your dive.

A USB charging cable lets you recharge the internal battery and the OMR-1 also comes with camouflaged replacement straps.

Rating: 4.20

  1. VenomGaming356 says

    How many meters waterproof, please respond for once

  2. τελικα ειναι καλο ?? γιατι σκεφτομαι ν το παρω

  3. Amer dan Akmal Travelog says

    If I want to charge the OMER OMR1, what gadget did I have to use ? How much volts it is ?

  4. Amer dan Akmal Travelog says

    Can i ask something. When we charged the OMER OMR1, how long can we use the battery?

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