Mares Nemo Wide Dive Computer

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An easy to read and easy to use dive computer from Mares, the Nemo Wide has been specifically designed to be as user friendly as possible.

With just four buttons to control the menu system the computer is extremely easy to use and navigate even when wearing gloves.

The maximized size of the display as well as well lit and sized numbers make the screen easy to read at a glance.

Rating: 3.88

  1. Michael Murphy says

    Does it have a deco stop timer? How many gasses? What % Nitrox?

  2. amanta157 says

    Have to agree with other viewer. Very uninformative explanation of this computer. So much more information that should have been given to help divers who already own this computer and would appreciate further information. Sorry Mares – love your products – but this video tells me nothing useful.

  3. wade1234able says

    the other main concern is with todays technology, why not make the alphabet legible….the T's are awful and if the purpose of this dive computer is to help those with poor vision, there needs to be an improvement of the fonts so we can make an informed decision under pressure! I think it is a potentially nice dive computer that needs some improvements! Especially a program for Apple as well as Windows…..come on Mares!

  4. wade1234able says

    really uninformative explanation of the use of this dive computer. this has little merit. why the hell doesn't Mares do a proper display and show this computer and how it works.

  5. Simply Scuba says

    @MrAirsoft42 Hi there. It depends on what you are after really. In terms of functionality the nemo wide and excel are actually very similar it's the screen size they vary on. If you are hard of sight etc then I would go for the wide, if not then consider the excel. Hope that helps.

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