8 Cool DIVING GADGETS You Can Buy Online

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8 Cool DIVING GADGETS You Can Buy Online


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8 Paralenz


6 AirBuddy

5 aquabionic abs

4 hektometer

3 Seagow


1 aak 180 diving mask

Rating: 4.43

  1. NorGamer64 says

    The tankless surface supplied system is death trap without proper training in lifeline control and a bailout bottle

  2. Clash Smashing says

    3:01 all of the snow has just released in my pants

  3. Life TV says

    I have videos like this on my channel come check my channel out.

  4. Luke Mirabal says

    A mask like that would cause major distortion as well as the large air pocket in there would squeeze your face so bad. None of these products, outside of the paralenz, are designed by competent divers.

  5. Hans hermann says

    how should you make pressure equalization with the 180 degree mask? And where you can see how much air is left in the tanks ? unsave as fuck!

  6. mikey says

    Yesss the hyperchestdistention is just around the corner..and you due in a stupid way

  7. GeoIsACrazyDude says

    The AAK screen-wipe

  8. redbudmenorca says

    As a certified diver of 42 years, the "Air Buddy" is the most dangerous "cool diving gadget" I have ever seen (#2 Spare Air w/o training). PERIOD. Get certified and cut mommies umbilical

  9. Goofball Prawn46 says

    That portable lung looks awesome

  10. Niko Vickovic says

    Am going to get on training for diving right now coz i need that air tank F*** those things am original 😀

  11. kells murphy says

    The camera is probably 500 bucks

  12. Redstone Lord says

    Whats the boat at 1:05 ?

  13. Rashed Khoory says

    Just remember that you still need training to use these gadgets, none of them exempt you from training to be able to dive safely underwater.

  14. ScooterBoy 64 says
  15. Petrit Mollanji says

    Guys just one question, as an athlete, I was wondering if these gadgets, would be ok for shadow boxing under water, but not too deep, lets say 3 to 4 meters underwater

  16. al kout says

    why am i watching this at 1 am i have school tommorow

  17. Jacques Star says

    I cool gadgets for killing non-divers. Shouldn't be legal to sell this stuff.

  18. Call Of Duty TTG says

    Walter white?

  19. Jose Garcia says

    Como lo consigo

  20. Colin Quinton says

    What is the double snorkel thing? whats it supposed to do? if its just a snorkel wouldn't two be more difficult to clear when you return to the surface?

  21. Dizzys YT says

    Who here isnt scuba certified but is still gonna buy one of these air tanks.

  22. whythehellisthisvideo ????? says

    What if you use all of these at once? You would be the underwater gadget god…

  23. zachkrit312 SCS says

    I want to buy 6

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