1. Johnny Skinner says

    Did no one notice that at 26:11 he was walking on water behind him

  2. Dotsinki says

    You should get the jaws mod that changes the tiger/bull shark to a 20 feet great white, makes diving feel terrifying

  3. TC Main says

    it my BDay

  4. Ross Brian says

    I really enjoy scuba diving we do it all the time and this was a great video

  5. BRENDAN copster says

    jeff you should of went to the LOST hatch 😀

  6. BlueMonkey 68 says

    I think the place where u went that u almost died there have radiation that's why u was so close to die

  7. Airforce Pilot says

    Try to find the “loch ness” or should i say nessie

  8. Xaviar Frye says

    The “scary noise” you heard near the sunken boat was this trap door under water and someone is tapping the door it can’t open it’s just an “gta5 Easter egg”

  9. Ednir Tavares Frederico says


  10. Muhammad Na'im says

    jeff man you badass

  11. Ryan Time says

    So much better than the DOJ submarine video xD!

  12. Nicholas Hopkins says

    Can you join this server from console ?

  13. Charles Roberts says

    Can you enter the UFO?

  14. Alien The Rapper says

    Every time I hear Dave I feel like having a cigarette idk why tho lol

  15. GamingUltraTV says

    Jeff. Send me a map of these locations on Twitter please

  16. Gta 5 Xbox one rp 2 says

    I like when youtubers do a thumbnail for there video but you don’t see that in the video.

  17. Colin Taylor says

    +Jeff Favignano Been a long time sub, wondering when the applications are opening up again. Im 21 and just got a job with my law enforcement agency in my state. Trying to get into streaming a little bit. Lemme know, thanks man.

  18. Tony Gonzalez says

    i did not know any of this existed in GTA5. Thank you for showing it to me. gotta check it out in game.

  19. Jesse Goodnight says

    Those four lights under the water is where in story mode trevor picks up the nuke thing from the 2nd heist

  20. Mike Pritch says

    Well now I need to know more about the house on the island!!!

  21. Jaydon Campbell says

    is this on xbox and do i have to download anything

  22. Digital Outlaw says

    Sorry bud but i dont really understand what happened between you buggs and polecat and why yall dont make doj videos together anymore but im not tryna sound like a sissy hater but this isnt what i subscribed for sorry but im out

  23. Juan Ortiz says

    Is OCRP still a thing or not?

  24. One Thought says

    Any more OCRP content coming soon? I was hooked!

  25. Phoenix • says

    This is pretty cool. More people should explore the waters.

  26. Daniel Davis says

    So is OCRP already dead?

  27. I farted loud says

    You should put a coast guard in ocrp

  28. B&B Studios says

    [Enhanced for DOJ]


    10-1-Frequency Change

    10-3-Stop transmitting




    10-7-Out of Service

    10-8-In Service


    10-10-Fight in Progress

    10-11-Traffic Stop

    10-12-Active Ride Along

    10-13-Shots Fired

    10-15-Suspect in Custody

    10-16-Stolen Auto

    10-17-Suspicious Person


    10-21- Active Supervisor


    10-23-Arrived at Scene

    10-25-Domestic Dispute

    10-26-Estimated Time of Arrival

    10-27-Drivers License Check

    10-28-Vehicle Registration Information

    10-29-Check for Wanted

    10-30-Wanted Person

    10-31-No Wanted, No Warrants

    10-32-Request Backup (Code 1,2,3)

    10-35-Wrap Scene Up

    10-41-Beginning Tour of Duty

    10-42-Ending Tour of Duty



    10-50-Vehicle Accident (PD: Property Damage, PI: Person/s Injured, F: Fatal)

    10-51-Requesting Tow Service

    10-52-Requesting EMS

    10-53-Requesting Fire Department

    10-55-Intoxicated Driver

    10-56-Intoxicated Pedestrian

    10-60-Armed with a Gun

    10-61-Armed with a Knife


    10-64-Sexual Assault

    10-65-Escorting Prisoner

    10-66-Reckless Driver


    10-68-Armed Robbery

    10-70-Foot Pursuit

    10-71-Requesting Supervisor at Scene

    10-73-Advise Status

    10-80-Vehicle Pursuit

    10-90-In Game Warning

    10-93-Removed from Game

    10-97-In Route

    10-99-Officer in Distress (Extreme Emergency Only)

    11-44-Person Deceased

    Code 0-Game Crash

    Code 4-Under Control

    Code 5-Felony Stop/High Risk Stop

    Signal 11-Running Radar

    Signal 60-Drugs [ ] Signal 100-HOLD ALL BUT EMERGENCY TRAFFIC

    Not copied but completely made by me from the understanding of the DOJ and OCRP episodes alone and some research.

  29. Shaddow Panther says

    You needed speirs in this installment

  30. Alexander Schuck says

    What's happening with Doj with polecat and bugs???? I miss those days alot.

  31. Ben Schwartz says

    There is also like 8 bodies wrapped in plastic in the ocean too. there was a story about it

  32. Vitomir Maricic says

    freediving stuff are awsome. Cool.

  33. Flappy Gamer says

    What happened to dojrp did he leave it or what .Please tell me some body I have been away for a while and I don't know what yhe fudge happened did he get into fight with joradn polecat?

  34. green machine55 says

    That is awesome I want to get this game and do this that’s awesome

  35. Matthew Keeping says

    Awesome episode Jeff! Love your content, will you and Buggs be doing a Coachella episode on OCRP?

  36. N1K41 says

    Cool episode

  37. Erwin Priyono [Erw1np] says

    No Safety
    Smoking First

  38. YetiThaGr8 says

    Can't believe yall didnt go to the sunken tanks!

  39. Sawyer Does Quad Stuff says

    The red bar underwater isn’t health, their mods have it where the red bar underwater is the swimming stamina.

  40. JP Holgerson says

    Would love to join you guys in the server! Looking to do fire rescue. Great content as always Jeff!

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