1. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Nice video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  2. Steve Smith says

    I love the Rezillos they're the best but if I may dabble a tiny fly in the ointment – in the underwater videos no one is SCUBA diving they are all snorkelling.  Based on the video this song should have been called Snorkel Snorkel

  3. antonesauf says

    SO brilliant I love this group and Fay Fife

  4. Derek Stokes says

    Cardiacs.That's all.

  5. Leather Rebel Justice says

    This may be the best thing the human race has ever created

  6. sam tito says

    Doobba RAMONES Dooba, que polvo doova Doo

  7. Michael Anderson says

    I've been looking for this for years. Thank you

  8. Leather Rebel Justice says

    Where can I find a high quality video version of this.

  9. antonesauf says

    Aww man the fun had SO gone out of pop, amazing love it Rev Up is one of my favorite albums

  10. Rogue77 says

    the drummer has the Beavis hair-do

  11. Daithi o beag says

    I luv Faye Fife

  12. SteveRes says

    Faye is just… *sigh*… <3

  13. PSderesistance says

    This has to be their magnificent octopus

  14. foreverzero001 says

    estos grupos son buenos y muy poco conocidos en latinoamerica.

  15. antonesauf says

    GENIUS you gotta love Fay Fife, shame the vid for Hungry For Love isn't about

  16. formaface says

    Rezillos, Revillos….its all one song, fab upload!!

  17. finmarc says

    not even the Revillos beat the REZILLOS!

  18. MrNapalm138 says


  19. mumbolungo says

    This is feckin awful and I love the band

  20. bzzzzap says

    Joe Meek smiles in his grave!

  21. 1979cl1 says

    @blackpoolrok Yes you got that right!! I thought the same about that of the Revillos or Rezillols being the UK B52s only that the B52's has that early 60s the Ventures sound and the Revillos are more merseybeat like the groups from Liverpool. Their music also sound like they can be a soundtrack to Gerry Anderson's marionation puppet series Thunderbirds Are Go, Fireball XL5, Stingray and so on.

  22. Larz Gustafsson says

    I wonder if she smelled like fish after that…

  23. PunkRIP says

    is this the start of aqua and barbie girl sic sic sic

  24. adda89 says

    @fuzzyboy1964 before the b52's

  25. AgentNein says


    Yeah, that's kind of what they were going for.

  26. fuzzyboy1964 says

    B52's on drugs, love it!!!!

  27. Scottie S says

    Hi, my mun and dad sold it in 1987 and i think it shut down in the 90's, but dont really know, my dad was Bob. Who are you?

  28. spbats says

    LoL, how dated

  29. Hollandia777 says

    Does sound like Blondie!…

  30. shutdownthefed says

    I should have eaten a bag of shrooms before I watched this

  31. Scottie S says

    Hi im Scott, my Mum and Dad used to have the Glenelg Hotel in Leamington Terrace, did you not used to make the clothes? My friend Bev Lyon used to make them as well. Also i used to wash their car, hahaha!

  32. Scottie S says

    Are you Nancy from Edinburgh?

  33. devilinthenewman says

    The Rhythm Method is a great read. I bought it about 6 months ago and have started dipping in and out of it for a second time.
    The tale about how the Scuba Scuba demo / cassette ending up being used for the single release is one of my favourites – Always wondered why Fay sounded like she was on helium. The re-recorded version from 1994 does the song more justice.


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