One Breath Around The World

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NEW FILM: Our new short film (12 min) is finally out. Turn out the light, put your headphones and freedive with me around the world

This great adventure was possible thanks to the support of a great team
* Julie Gautier, my wife. One more time she did an AMAZING work. Everything she is shooting with her camera become magic. Of course, she shot as usual all the images on breath hold!
* Almo Film and his boss Morgan Le Faucheur for his support as co producer of the project during the post production process.
* Ben Nardini, the multi task guy: Editing, Sound design and drone pilot!
* Guillaume Ferran, the magician behind the original soundtrack
* Arthur Paux, as usual, who made the beautiful color correction
* Leonard Mercier added a great touch with the compositing and stabilization
* Xavier Fulbert / Ideocast made the sound mix
* Franck Seguin the fantastic photographer who made a book edited by Glenat #apleinsouffle

Of course, nothing would be possible without the safety and logistic support from our friends / freedivers around the world: Wilfried Souza, Nico, Dolswim, Julien Borde, Pranamaya Freediving, Rodrigo Salsas, Louis Pasquer, Suzanne Lim, Luke Schroeder, Catalin Craciun, Freediving Coron, Carlo Navarro, MJ Paula, Odessa Bugarin, Ryuzo Shinomiya, Tomoka Tsukakoshi, Kikachiro and Shotaro Maja, Denis Grosmaire, Moorea freediving, Sane Richmond, Tetamanu Village et Diving, Patea Alexandre, Tevai Malinowski, Monique Daudon, Antero Joki, Maria Hellinger, Kiki Bosch

Supported by Cressi, Nauticam, Department of Tourism – Philippines, Bluenery

Special thanks: Clovis Kerville, Mauritius Film Development Corporation, René Heuzey, Divers’ Ocean, Juli and Salomon, Imam El Dio, Daniel Minnella, Ville de Nice, Véronique El Bahjaoui, Hélène De Tayrac-Senik, Bastien Soleil

Rating: 4.97

  1. jade says

    can someone fill me in? is this like real or. what happening ?

  2. Exclusively Common says

    04:41 that was fucking creepy, man

  3. Thierry Grappe says

    he decompresses his ears just like when ur on a plane and the plane goes down, ur ears hurts a bit, u just need to decompress by pinching ur nose and breathing out

  4. Pia says

    where is this?

  5. Pia says

    How is this even possible?

  6. Klik Broz says

    Why did he wear thongs ?

  7. Liza Kim says

    Нет слов

  8. Talha Saber says

    No way it is one breathe

  9. 31nayl says

    aquaman is real ? damn

  10. Psc 247 says


  11. Sasha Kishka says


  12. Will G says

    he’s obviously a robot, real humans would die from damn frostbite

  13. nakhla nabila says

    I was…l find no words to describe this beauty. Amaising

  14. Roos de Vries says

    This is the most beautiful this I’ve ever seen..

  15. unknown says


  16. Leo Marie says

    Tip: don't try to hold your breath during this

  17. Bakhayi Azzedine says


  18. cupid says

    I thought i had a phobia of the ocean turns out it was just nothing but i fear the darkness.. Still, im no less fearing the ocean

  19. 박지환 says

    응 카메라맨 산소탱크 있음. 숨소리들림

  20. Leon 111 says

    Wow amazing unbeliievable

  21. Thibaut87 says

    that make me think about the song in the movie interstellar 8:33

  22. Nour El-din Mansour says

    It was a privilege watching this.

  23. Connor says

    There's no way this is real. I think someone got the footage, and edited the dude in

  24. Ken Kaneki says

    y’all need to admit it
    his booty is poppin’

  25. Hanchi says


  26. tristan marthinus Du preez says

    I'm trippen

  27. William Lim says

    watching this made me try to hold my breath for as long as possible

  28. Sebbchen says

    7:02 baabyyy SHARK duu duu du duu du duu

  29. Maysix _ says

    That is fucking lit

  30. TRASH!!!! Can says

    This is truly magnificent <3

  31. Saori says

    Where is his underwear outside of his swimsuit?

  32. Nikeya Washington says

    He took breaths in between cuts lol

  33. No1 _n0More says

    And the oscar for best picture goes to…

  34. taihana edmonds says

    Bloody legend

  35. oloap paolo says


  36. ruska maruska says

    Thank you for that journey ❤️

  37. TrickyTreaty says

    OK sure and plss go to Marianas trench

  38. Madilyn Neusbaum says


  39. Madilyn Neusbaum says

    these men robots ?

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