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Ever been curious what Scuba Diving Instructors do? Join me and dive into my work for a day, and yes, it might be the best job on the world.
Since certification in April 2012 I have worked at Go Dive Brisbane until my move last November.

*Also, the shovelnose ray is most likely a guitar fish. They are extremely similar.

I cannot reccomend diving in Brisbane, Australia highly enough :

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If you are curious about my gear: the best gear in the world.

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Rating: 4.93

  1. Hola World says

    I really want to become a dive instructor. But don’t know where to start from since I don’t have any knowledge regarding diving. I was inspired by watching your videos and would really love to choose diving as my career.

  2. Carey Shoemaker says

    What an amazing job you have!

  3. Life Exotics says

    Beautiful video, got my OWI certificate to fulfill a childhood dream last March in Egypt. I like your channel and support conservation too!

  4. Clyde Ceniza says

    Nice Vid! You should dive in the Philippines again!

  5. Marilu Carvallo says

    Amazing place!

  6. My Spiritual Shoes says

    Oh my gosh…I so wanted to become a scuba instructor when I first moved to Australia…dove at Great Barrier Reef and was hooked. Loved this ….thanks to Kay @LIvingtheLIfeYouLove for mentioning your channel.

  7. The Journey says

    So sick! I have always wanted to scuba dive before it is on my list of things to do. Great footage excited to see more

  8. saneauto says

    2066 Those Manta's are amazing The Zebra shark too.

  9. Sandra El Annan says

    Love your channel! You're so beautiful ❤️

  10. Dena Hindess says

    awesome I love diving soooo much!!

  11. Katrina Correa says

    This is incredible!!!!!

  12. Nathur F GOMEZ says

    Hola. Amazing

  13. LEILANI says

    That was one of the coolest videos I've ever seen on Youtube. Thank you for sharing your day, and the beautiful sea animals. so cool!

  14. Miss Matti says

    So beautiful with all the shots of the fish! This reminds me I gotta get my PADI. I started out like 5 years ago but then got total panic after one exercise and it took awhile for me to get back being confident in the water again. But then I ran out of time of my course!

  15. by brie says

    WOW, your job looks amazing!
    It's crazy that you are in a whole different world.
    The views and the animals are so beautiful.

  16. Danielle Nevin says

    Wow this is so amazing!! I love everything that you do and stand for!

  17. Cara Jane says


  18. Chris Eats Plants says

    That is such a cool work!!!! I would love to learn dive one day, but for now i just done some snorkeling in thailand xD It was cool though and i manage not to hurt my self on reaf or sea urchins…
    Great footage!

  19. The Organic Gypsy says

    Would love to do my padi. What an awesome job!!!

  20. Vegan Flamingo says

    What awesome footage, I really loved the octopus- so cool! I did my PADI open water years ago, I was always really nervous but loved seeing the amazing creatures! On one dive I had a really unsympathetic dive master, freaked out and was so scared that I've never been diving since. I love snorkelling though!!

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