The Most Exotic Places to Dive

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Simply Scuba counts down 5 exotic diving destinations.

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  1. OBHSfolk says

    Truk? Palau?

  2. kev clements says

    I tend to dive at Sharks bay in Sharm El Sheikh as the water is 25c, with visibility of 100 mtrs this is shoreline. The coral is fantastic, loads of different aquatic too many to list. Also dived the barrier reef in 1990, 28 years ago can’t remember much of it apart from getting out the water quite quick when we saw a tiger shark, these were the days when everyone thought sharks all sharks are man eaters if only I knew what I know now.

  3. Zione says

    Wheres Philippines?

  4. Terry Alsop says

    Go dive in OMAN!

  5. Patricia De Brito says

    What about East-Timor? The biggest biodiversity and the oldest living corals in the world. 🙂

  6. Scott Belcher says

    Great barrier reef a MUST see – 5 days with Divers Den in 2016…..would do it a gain x 2!!!

  7. maarten1809 says

    Indonesia? Haha this video lost all its credibility

  8. Velvetmango says

    Belize? Shark Alley?!? In at Top 5?

  9. Taryn Gustafson says

    Yeah for sure Indonesia should be in there!

  10. Adam Mason says

    No Indonesia or Philippines

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