Fun Swimming with 180 Degree Full Face Diving Snorkel | Toys Academy

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Fun Swimming with 180 Degree Full Face Diving Snorkel | Toys Academy

We are trying these 180 degree full face diving snorkel and flippers in the ocean and also in the swimming pool. Lets see if it really works. Thank you all for watching!


  1. Zanobuhle Mathebula says

    I don't like your videos I love your videos

  2. Angle Lindsey says

    You went to the beach with your brother you look so excited I'm your biggest fan I watch your videos everyday oh and also we're do you live because every time when I watch you it always seems so sunny

  3. Muhammad Azizan says


  4. Emmanuel Vasquez says


  5. Aujanae Wilkes says


  6. Arif Syarif says

    You are a great swimmera ang your family

  7. Marquis Parker says


  8. Brayden Chase says

    How cool!

  9. Folashade Aina says

    I like your videos

  10. Evelyn Li says


  11. Nath Walan says

    You are a great swimmer ang your family.

  12. Fun Kids Room says

    wow great playground for children

  13. Ari Sapta says

    Were are you buy them all??? I want it to…

  14. Fay Yo says


  15. Dâu Tây Kids says

    wow, very nice video, well done, i love your video

  16. Hayleythe _cookie says


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