1. hannahtriz says

    I just hope you told them the dangers their actions put all of you in when you guys surfaced or got on the boat. That's dangerous stuff.

  2. Paul Cowell says

    Your a life saver my man…

  3. The Temple Law Firm says

    Good Job saving their lives.

  4. Jamey Zell says

    Great job on the assist… Music blows but way to help.

  5. John McGuinness says

    wow, its a good thing SOMEONE was looking after them, they obviously were not. What happened in the aftermath….. did they get bent?

  6. vandoo66 says

    Where was the dive master in all this?

  7. Michael Brown says

    Good situational awareness. Experience says there needs to be boundaries in place. Inexperience didn’t know there needed to be boundaries.

  8. Edsel Santoni says

    I was holding my breath the whole time. You my friend are a brave hero risking going past 130 to save these two and without you there I’m almost certain that would be their last dive. Man I want you in every dive I go

  9. edward conway says

    Your a good man and a good diver !

  10. limirl says

    I would have ripped them and the dive master a new one once I got back on board. I wouldn't be surprised if they expected to do a repetitive dive half an hour later!

  11. vonick1 says

    i hard hat dive for a job and 150' on umbilical and communication in helmet can be dangerous those ding dongs were totally clueless

  12. vonick1 says

    most people have no clue that past 100' and shit can go wrong in a heart beat and there's no shooting to the surface.

  13. Katie Muller says

    Holy. Fuck. You saved that child’s life. Thank you

  14. en273 says

    They are fantastically lucky you were around, and taking note of the whole group. I hope more people become a diver like you.

  15. Onazzz808 says

    A 13 year old boy just died today scuba diving in Oahu, HI. He was with his family visiting from Mongolia. This EXACT scenario happened EXCEPT, someone was looking out for the 2 guys and they lived, the 13 year old boy died. He was pulled up unconscious. Very tragic.

  16. Onazzz808 says

    You SAVED them! Hero status. 2 lives. God Bless You ❤️

  17. dillonhillier says

    Wow. These people are incredibly stupid.

  18. Pizzacaviar says

    And guess where they are from? China!

  19. Scuba Bull says

    Good on you dude

  20. Tony Ferrari says

    Divemaster was and idiot for not being there – poor safety standards and not following the divemaster duty of care. Also being at at around 120' for that time I would still sit at the 6m mark for 5-7 mins out of precaution only.

  21. Darrell Wood says

    Dreadful backing track. Very distracting

  22. Cara Wiley says

    Shaking my head… Just wow

  23. JC Benavides says

    I'm a dive instructor and the fact that the dive master was not keeping an eye on a 12 year old diver is disturbing.

  24. Curtis N says

    What kind of asshat thumbs down this video? Whatever SMH. Good job dude!

  25. Don Roland says

    respect! i hope this dive master got kicked out! i had so many similar experiences… once i nearly died in the somo somo straight with a so called dive maser with over 10.000 dives…

  26. Ray Goff says

    I have a sun to cobra gauge,, I set it up so that it beeps, at certain depths, I certainly have to set for my maximum depth, o make sure that my dive buddies know about this gauge, and it's just another precaution, we always check cylinder pressure, those guys were lucky

  27. SCUBA PHIL says

    I'm a scuba instructor for NAUI and I can tell you right now, you saved their lives!!

  28. Arnold Stollar says

    Decompression required

  29. Arnold Stollar says

    I swam to 300 ft.there, decompression required.

  30. CoCo says

    DM should be reported

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