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This 1960s color educational film about safely scuba diving is produced by the Los Angeles Department of Parks & Recreation. A Disney animation illustrates the history of creating a diving suit (:45-7:20). Scuba divers swim close to the camera. A woman diver’s face mask strap breaks and she panics. Her diving partner hands it back to her. They swim to the surface to a floating inner tube with a flag attached (7:22-9:25). An inexperienced couple wear advanced diving equipment. He holds up a booklet “How to Dive in Two Easy Lessons.” (9:26-10:00). The Los Angeles County Parks & Rec trains people how to properly skin and scuba dive in one of its swimming pools using certified instructors. One group holds onto the side of the pool getting basic training; another sits in front of a chalkboard and learns about the physiology of diving; and the advanced group learns about scuba gear. Instructor badges are shown up-close. A woman listens wearing a 1960s high-waisted two-piece bathing suit (11:50-13:50). The instructor explains diving diseases (13:52-14:45). The beginner class practices breathing with snorkels (14:50-14:20). The advanced class wears scuba gear. They flip into the water and sit on the bottom of the pool. They practice clearing their masks; exhaling when rising and putting one arm straight up; removing scuba gear and rising without it; and how to buddy breathe. The instructor creates an artificial emergency. Students exit the pool (15:44-18:40). Students travel on a boat named Lou Lou to make their first ocean dive. They suit-up on deck. Close-ups are shown of the diving equipment during safety checks. Each team has a flag and tube buoy that warns boaters that divers are below. They enter the water (18:45-20:23). The scuba divers swim with seals. She cuts a piece of abalone and puts it in a net bag (20:24-21:07). A diver with a harpoon gun shoots and spears a large fish (21:10-21:25). Another diver searches for archeological artifacts (21:26-21:42). Another pair find an octopus moving quickly across the bottom, a graceful stingray, and schools of fish (21:43-22:20). The camera follows behind scuba divers to a sunken boat, which they explore (22:21-23:07). Another uses a slurp gun to capture fish (23:09-23:42). Another pair uses an underwater camera to take pictures of fish and each other (23:43-24:03). Seals play with a diver and get belly rubs (24:04-24:42). A diver finds objects that look like shallow bowls (24:45-24:57). A diver purposely grabs the tail of a large fish and wrestles with it (25:00-25:22). At the wreck, one becomes trapped. He removes the scuba equipment and buddy breathes to the surface (25:23-28:38). Seafood shish kabobs are grilled over a fire on the beach and abalone chowder cooks in a pan (28:40-29:22). The couple borrow a tank to return to the wreck and get the one left behind. They hand-signal the other scuba divers that lunch is ready. A diver paints a picture underwater, holding a palette and using an easel (29:23-30:50).

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  1. zencat999 says

    is it possable to repost this with OUT the timecode running at the bottom???!!!!!!

  2. Peter King says

    Looks like she has a rebreather in the beginning

  3. Vitomir Maricic says

    diving stuff are my favs. Cool.

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