How to make 200$ in 30 min scuba diving (Have fun and make money)

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Diving location: Hitra, Norway
Max depth: 19m / 62f
Temperature: 5C / 41F
Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

Diving gear:
15 L tank 200 Bar
AGA Interspiro full face mask.
Seatex tailored neoprene dry suit
Coop plastic bag

Music: Ambient fall. By Ambient Light


  1. Batıkan T. Kurt says

    1:13 Mr.Krabbs:*Exist*
    Diver:Shit,I lost 4-6 Dollar

  2. Ultimate Tensile says

    Thats right just rape the ocean for monetary gain you brain dead clown!!

  3. zach aftal says

    awsome, do it again

  4. Bernhard Blietz says

    And your allowed to just pick them up and sell them?

  5. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    That’s probably illegal where you are

  6. Filiberto Lopez says

    where would you sell them?

  7. Jairus Gould says


  8. VØMIX. says


  9. Mdelta 36 says


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