Cozumel Scuba Diving

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Dive Sites: Columbia Pinnacles, Columbia Gardens, Palancar Gardens, Dalila, La Francesa Reef
Location: Cozumel, Mexico
Aquatic Life: Nurse Shark (playful), Turtles (many), Pygmy Pipehorses, Lobster (out for some strolls), Crab, Lionfish (getting killed and fed to fish/sharks), Grouper, Baracuda, Stingray, Midnight Parrotfish, Filefish, Trunkfish, Durgeon, Snapper, Flounder
Video: Daniel Summers
Pictures: Justin Price
Music: Kevin MacLeod


  1. Laus Sørensen says

    This is so painful to watch. As if you're the kings of THEIR universe.

  2. MM xxx says

    Obviously this retard is From the States….

  3. Jefrey! says

    Is a gopro? Or what camera?

  4. Bradford Palmer says

    This is probably as close to Jaque Custeau as I've seen…….I watched the whole video. excellent.

  5. rynochef says

    For those watching that aren’t divers, please know that this knucklehead poorly represents the rest of us divers that know we should always be respectful of our delicate marine life and never touch them! For those that want to learn to dive; please do and be good advocates of mother ocean.

  6. T J says

    Cozumel is so far the best diving I have ever done. That and the Poor Knights..

  7. Arnold Stollar says


  8. Living Walks says

    We've just filmed a long natural sight and sound gopro walk through the town and beach but we didn't get to see Cozumel underwater, so We enjoyed watching your underwater footage very much. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. LA5150 says

    Tempting fate feeding a shark like that bud. Plus, not supposed to touch marine life.

  10. Straightwhite Guy says

    I dive on the Cozumel and the reefs didn’t have much life on them so don’t waste your money.

  11. Dennis McCarthy says

    Thats brave touching the turtles on video knowing it is in the reef park. Oh well great footage of the lionfish 🙂

  12. Pam Moore says

    Some people should just stay on the freeways…. and away from nature…..

  13. Chau Yu says

    Idiot, if you think lion fish will destroy the ecosystem, then send it to Asia, in Asia,lots of people will keep it as pet, or treat it as a food,You just wastes the food, dump divers,DON’T KILL the LION fish again

  14. Mark Michaelsen says

    A nice video ruined by the idiotic numbskull who is touching the sea life.

  15. marrumarbs says

    What an example touching, annoying and feeding animals…some people's diving license should be taken for this behaviours

  16. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Great video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  17. Dominick Campbell says

    is cool

  18. Lilly D'Sanz says

    I totally recommend you the Sun Excursions APP if you are thinking on traveling to Cozumel!! =)

  19. Dave Whelan says

    What knobs. Good collection of terrible divers.

  20. развлечения says

    Прекрасный подводный мир!

  21. Doctor titan says

    did you dive with dressle divers?

  22. Doug Grammer says

    What was dug up from the sand at 12:45? I found one as a kid but have never seen one since and cannot find what it is called. Please help!!

  23. Elias Hossin55 says


  24. Jordi Urquidez says


  25. Belki Serrano says

    Thank you so much!

    Amazing Video! Will be in Cancun in a week. will visit Cozumel But just for snorkel, Will love to scuba dive one day.

  26. Swany Swan says

    beautiful video

  27. Benjamin Filbert says

    lol did you seriously rip off KSP's soundtrack at 5:30? That's their 'Groove Grove' track.

  28. T J says

    Will be there in January 16' UDE Allegro. Hope it's not windy. Great post thanks.

  29. Wsadgaming says

    you can do it TURTLE at 1 minute!

  30. Erd425 says

    what underwater housing did you use? nice footage.

  31. scooter videos 101 says

    What did u do to the Lion Fish

  32. Mangotlo Fumani says

    That was an awesome trick blowing the ring then swimming right through it

  33. Ruth Pollock says

    You realize that its illegal to feed the marine life in Cozumel. It is a protected marine area. Your dive master should know better. 

  34. INTERNA9 says

    Awesome !

  35. Belentani says

    Awesome video!
    Hope I get the chance to dive there in the future.

  36. xvinnyax74 says

    Great video. I would have been scared to barehand even a baby lionfish. Vicious sting they have. Going to Cozumel to dive in Oct

  37. Damian Jones says

    Thanks for sharing your scuba diving experience. It's well filmed clip, the view underwater is magnificent. Keep sharing more!

  38. Jon Greene says

    Thank you!  What great video.  You have done an excellent job of videography and of capturing many of the Cozumel creatures.  I can use this to show my non diving friends of the sights I often see while diving. Many thanks again.  Jon

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