A DAY ON THE GREAT BARRIER REEF | Crystal Clear Waters Meets A Drone!

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A spectacular day on Australia’s renown Great Barrier Reef. Departing Mission Beach we went about 50km off the coast to a pristine section of the reef with crystal clear waters! If you are ever in the area, this is a must do…

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Instagram: Luke.vdk
Facebook: VDK Imaging www.facebook.com/vdkimaging
Website: www.vdkimaging.smugmug.com

Shot with:

DJI Phantom 4
DJI Osmo (Rode Video MicRo)
Canon 6d (Canon 16-35mm L f2.8 USM ii and Canon 70-200mm L f4 USM)
GoPro Hero3 Black
GoPro Hero4 Session


  1. Rigel Aficionado says

    Do you know which company you went for this boat ride and snorkeling?

  2. Twintastic 47 says

    Hi great footage to you mind if we use some clips for a school project?

  3. Tz Eva says

    It's really sad that they are not colourful as before

  4. Real Steel says

    Its like the heaven

  5. hmostory says

    Beautiful !
    매우 멋져요 케언즈 갔었는데 못가봤네요~^^ 다음에 꼭 가보고 싶어요 ~^^


    Well, the water temperature is high, right? I don't think it's necessary the suits to dive there!

  7. Cooper says

    Could we use parts of this video for a non commercial music video? Yours Sincerly, Jasper 🙂

  8. AJ DT says

    What are the black swimming suits that everyone is wearing. Sun protection? Is it cold? Is it to prevent the use of sunscreens?


    Please give me link of song or song name & singer

  10. ᄉᄋᄋ says

    Looks fantastic to me

  11. GOASTRC says

    Revisited the reef off Cairns after many years and was near on embarrassed with my international visitor. Fair dinkum it was nearly like watching black and white TV.

  12. education learning says


  13. Bosingr says

    Spectacular video! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

  14. Clément Pellequer says


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    We want to make a video report about Great Barrier Reef (in Australia) and really loved what you've shot. That's why we're asking you the right to use parts of them.

    If you agree, it will be publish on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Of course, your account will be credited on screen and tag with a clickable link. This is a great opportunity for your work to become more and more famous. This is actually a winning collaboration for both of us. So it would be a real pleasure to work with you.

    If you need to see some examples of video content that we post on Jetlag, look here :




    Please let us know if you agree,

    Thanks !

  15. Frankland Islands says

    Great video! Next time you're in the area be sure to visit us at Frankland Islands, we're about 40 minutes South of Cairns! We think you'd love it

  16. Land of Arts Art world says

    I am sad great barrier reef is dying 🙁

  17. Nathaniel Sanchez says

    what song is this!!! its beautiful and i cant find it

  18. Nathaniel Sanchez says

    this is the most beautiful fucking thing i have ever seen not just the footage but the song with the footage everything

  19. Rigel Aficionado says

    Very nice!!!

  20. Sharon Jiang says

    Love all the gorgeous drone footage. I recently uploaded something similar – the Great Barrier Reef is paradise. Wanna support each other?

  21. Douga57 says

    Cool video, loved the underwater footage.

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