Maui epic scuba diving – Hawaii 2014 GoPro Hero 3

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Recent scuba diving video from Hawaii. Two Maui shore dives (Olowalu and Makena Landing). Boat dives locations – Lanai (1st Cathedral, 2nd Cathedral, Fish Rock), Molokini crater. I used GoPro 3 Black Edition with and without red filter plus Sola 500 video light. All in HD.
I had 6 (time limited) boat dives (not so cool for the price) and 2 shore dives (very cool) I was diving with two different companies. Boat dives with Lahaina Divers. Amazingly most of my video made on shore dives thanks to Mike from Maui Diving Scuba Center. Best on the island if you looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable dive instructor. Super cool time underwater.
Music by Blackmill – “Rain”


  1. Fintastic Films says

    Awesome video!!!!! How would you rate the diving in maui?

  2. elioperaza says

    Awesome vid! At what depths were these dives?

  3. Trevor Boyce says

    Why don't you like boat dives? Everytime I go to hawaii with my dad we go out on the boat. Dives are till your tanks are round like 700 psi which equates to like 45 mins. And usually we do 2 dives at 2 different locations. Pretty sure you can achieve further depths with a boat too. Whats better about shore dives?

    edit: the boat diver masters can get annoying and make it like disneyland.

  4. Broski319 says

    you showed the same clip of that white tip shark like 6 times….

  5. Andrea Marchesini says

    Great video! did you use protune or just the red filter?

  6. candy sweet.heart says

    so pretty. but i don't like the music

  7. Tiffany Kidder Winn says

    Well done!

  8. ryan moeller says

    Great Video!! I just applied for a job with an Airline in Honolulu. Hopefully I'll get it, then I can come dive in those majestic waters!! Greetings from Oklahoma!

  9. Oleg Kaplun says

    What software did you use for editing

  10. Mel and Dave's Adventures says

    Great video! We recently did a tour of Hawaii's Big Island and went snorkeling with wild dolphins, night diving with manta rays and a helicopter tour over the volcanos. Check it out and let me know what you think

  11. Aqua Holic says

    Awesome video. I will be heading to Oahu in a few weeks and I hope to get some dives in. Check out my channel to see what the scuba diving looks like out here in Guam! Cheers

  12. Lax-Sharks says

    Really great video, if you were to use an image stabilization filter when editing, especially on those up close shots it will add so much to the videos

  13. heinz pacher says

    very nice

  14. jose luis pirita says

    Great video bro can't wait to go to  Maui and do the same with my go pro.

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