We swam with Sharks & found a Sunken Ship! (Bahamas) III Ninja Kidz TV

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We loved swimming with Sharks! It’s an amazing experience to learn about and scuba dive with Sharks in the Bahamas. We found a Sunken Ship at the bottom of the Ocean!

Thank you Stuart Cove for Awesome scuba diving!

Awesome Ninja Stuff!

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Thank you Pia Venegas for providing some of this footage.

Harborside is a great place to stay.

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  1. Ariella Weinberg says

    I watched this video so many time and it still is so cool

  2. Blue bloop boop says

    I have 2 hermit crabs!By the way 2 birds too.

  3. Pablo ramirez says

    i did not do it

  4. yolande blackwell says

    You are so brav

  5. Hala Muselhi says

    Ninja kids tv

  6. Natalie Nelson says

    You guys are the most coolest

  7. Alya's Fun Times says

    How old are payton and paxton are you:6,7 or 8

  8. Evelyn Nathania says

    How old is payton and paxton

  9. Berenice Miranda says

    Do you play ROBLOX

  10. Bontu dire Bona says

    I love you guys I stayed up to 4:50 am to watch ninja kids tv

  11. Little Jonezy says

    I love you guys

  12. Talat karim says

    thinks my writing ✍️ at this comment things makes it dar arker

  13. Talat karim says

    cries I only have one like

  14. Talat karim says


  15. Talat karim says


  16. Zachary Olsen says


  17. Ryan Roshan says

    Ninja kids myname is Ryan

  18. Oscar Morales says


  19. Oscar Morales says


  20. Hoda Desoki says

    isn't used
    / big

  21. Doug Sitton says

    Are you OK yes or no

  22. Roy Flores says

    Ilike ninja kids so much

  23. Rosa Gonzalez says

    How old is Paxton

  24. Nerynho Davila says

    Why those sharks dont eat you wow thats amazing ninja kids

  25. Sheila Hegre says


  26. Pasha614 says

    I love sharks

  27. blue shark says

    wow cool vid

  28. Mike Mckenzie says

    You guys are legends! I would rather stay in my room eating cheesy doritos!

  29. Matar AlMomani says

    i want to live near you

  30. Matar AlMomani says

    can i be ninja
    like you guys

  31. Matar AlMomani says

    you go thou crazy life

  32. Chastiety Hansen says

    Have you guys seen the Meg its awsome

  33. Matar AlMomani says

    make a animal vid 5 hours

  34. Keylah Kendrick says

    You guys are super brave to do that. I couldn't do that without someone making me feel comfortable doing that.

  35. Juliann Flores says

    Can you do a video swimming with dolphins?

  36. shanfrezan mahayuddin says

    I thought Payton and Paxton going but they not

  37. Yllka Bajrushi says

    I love you guys plus my sister has the merch

  38. Joshua Gonzales says

    Are they tame to not eat people????

  39. Lara Flores says


  40. Adlee Sisco says

    looks fun so fun

  41. Michaela Smith says

    Hay ninja kids your videos are amazing

  42. Hasaan Powell says

    I went there before

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