Top 5 Scary Scuba Diving Moments

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Scuba diving can be a very dangerous sport! Here’s out list of the top five scary scuba diving moments! Let me know in the comments below some of your top five video ideas.

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  1. Entry Seventeen says

    lol that dislike ratio

  2. Catch and Fry Fishing says

    these videos are trash
    absolute trash
    click bait to the max

  3. M'leah Taylor says

    i scuba dived when i was 12

  4. NoahsNoahsNoah says

    My God number one! Its called shark cage diving for a reason. Its Obvious that you would see a shark.

  5. Mark Hill says

    Hardly a scary shark moment

  6. angst says

    Scuba diving is not a dangerous sport

  7. iNuTtyNinJa KOA says

    If the divers where afraid of the shark swimming
    They are stupid
    I'd be bored out of my mind if all I seen were fish
    Plus sharks aren't as aggressive as people make them out to be

  8. Rubi Becker says

    idk why but i never even thought about those caves not having breathable air that’s so weird to me

  9. Hello Mr wolf says

    No.1 Was a total let down

  10. Jenny Atherton says

    Wow he must of been thinking are u gonna film and watch this octapuss eat me or help me

  11. nananananananan batmann says

    I lost my time waiting the number 1 , big dislike

  12. cheranguista says

    there are videos here that shaks go inside the cages; those are REALLY SCARY; not this videos; it was very relaxing and amazing watching the shark patrolling

  13. LA5150 says


  14. Amr Olwan says

    Aint that Shark in #1 from a Sharke Tale?

  15. CKG says

    The whale thing was terryfying

  16. emily peterson says

    i find #1 very soothing and calm

  17. Julia Eckhard says


  18. Genevieve L says

    nothing scary about that great white…

  19. strange 1 says

    The ship and cave should be at the top

  20. Taylor ! says

    The great white was juat chilling. He came over to hang with the dudes. Although even if he was peaceful it wojpd still be scary if he just showed up right next to you. My uncle went scuba diving and over 100 hammerhead sharks swam directly over the top of him

  21. WeeeWriter says

    I've never seen so many fish flanking a shark like that @ 9:42 lol Is that usual? I know there are a few fish normally seen with sharks but wow that's a lot.

  22. BoSS GaminG NetworK says

    Number one was the most boring.

  23. Sega MACA says

    This was really poorly put together

  24. Steve K. says

    Number one… those guys were safe the entire time that Shark even git the cage, get your s*** figured out better yet stop posting.

  25. Slyder81 says

    #1 wasn't scary at all! You see that every day on YouTube!! If he had attacked the cage, THAT would've been scary! Just because of this false "scary" moment, I voted a thumbs down!!

  26. bizket1 says

    the octopus situation is why its good to have a dive knife on the ready…just give one its suction cups a little tickle and i am sure it would quickly lose interest in holding on.

  27. James Eliason says

    Cave diving looks like the most terrifying thing possible

  28. unbelievabubble says

    That last one why include that video? Its just a regular cage dive, with only one great white, thats not being aggressive in any way. Its also way too long, waste of time, for nothing. Thumbs down.

  29. Chris Craven says

    #5: wheres your dive knife, fool?? Stab and slash that octopi!

  30. Julie H says

    The music sounds exciting, but it's far too loud in places, distracting us from the actual sounds in the footage, like the diver segment.

  31. Cade Johnson says

    It's kinda funny how sharks have an entourage

  32. Cade Johnson says

    The cavern where they surfaced having an unbreathable atmosphere is something I probably never would have considered. That's wild.

  33. dave chappelle says

    How is the last one scary?…they are in a cage and the sharks not even being aggressive. Disliked

  34. James O'Brien says

    Got to love a shark that comes with its own soundtrack

  35. sander verweij says

    The really scary scuba moments sunk Down with the divers ,the camera included

  36. Alfonso Zulueta says


  37. dr cookie says

    Why do some sea caverns have toxic gas?

  38. Amanda says

    The last ones footage was my favorite

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