GoPro: Fish Fantasia | Beautiful HD Scuba Diving Edit

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Re-upload of the video Fish Fantasia which has taken its inspiration from GoPro’s video ‘Whale Fantasia’ – note YouTube “inspiration” not copy please.

There were up to 1 million fish in these little caves in Grand Cayman during a dive in summer 2013 – needless to say it was one of the most beautiful and moving experiences of my life. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

**I’ve had to re-upload this video since YouTube stupidly decided to remove it as it was infringing on GoPro’s video “1 Million Fish” – which is my footage (but GoPro’s edit)!**

GoPro made an official edit out of this footage that can be found here:

Dexter Britain

“Light Of Life Interlude Part One”

“Light Of Life”


“Light Bridges”


  1. Joni Vossen says

    N u a g e s – dreams. For those who wonder where the lyrics come from

  2. Colt CGH says

    This is awesome, I want to make videos like this. And seeing stuff like this makes me look forward to making them. I have a feeling some of the videos I make will be inspired from this. 10/10 my guy

  3. bilou Chanel bil says

    Amazing ! Who is the One who talk in this video please?

  4. LambayDiving says

    Great Video. Inspiring.

  5. JENS says

    Damn, just beautiful.

  6. Magnus Ryan diving says

    Hi what an amazing video! What editing software do you use? As the editing is professional! Plz could you check out my latest Egypt video as I would love to see what you think of the editing (went to Egypt for my 13th birthday) thanks!!

  7. Kian Abdollahi says

    Amazing edit, great job!!

  8. van raj says

    Wer is this located?

  9. Riley O'Brien says

    and this is why i want to be a marine biologist.

  10. Jordans Journey says

    Sick dude, imagine this with a 360 cam

  11. puke bag productions says

    love the voice over! super sick

  12. puke bag productions says

    this is amazing

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