5 False Facts About Scuba Diving

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5 False Facts About Scuba Diving
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People can believe anything they want, global warming isn’t a thing, Trump isn’t a Russian pawn, the earth is round but some things are just plain wrong. Like the fact that aliens come down and shove things where the sun don’t shine some widely believed facts aren’t actually true, I mean why would

Hi, I’m Stephen from Simply Scuba and here are 5 False Facts About Scuba Diving.



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  1. Kim Siewers says

    1. white sharks do attack but scuba divers are safer than free divers.
    2. certification is a racket and they keep inventing new courses to gouge divers more $.

  2. Build a burger says

    Jaws challenge: Watch Jaws the night before a SCUBA trip.

  3. J V says

    I got certified for $225!

  4. R.T.D.G says

    At the dive shop i work at people who cant swim are still aloud to dive sometimes we have to pull them around by the tanks beacuse they just float around and do nothing

  5. Game Ville says

    Ummmm….. I am a 5’5 kid certified to rescue… I work out every day and I still have a hard time on beach dives….I mean for an adult maybe not but considering that my doubles almost weigh as much as I do makes me think that yeah, some fitness wouldn’t hurt

  6. I remember during my ow training one of a fellow student didn't have his left hand at all and he passed. I mean he needed a litter help but he did it

  7. joshua smith says

    You described my brother in this video. My brother is a double leg amputee. Two divers have to be with him at all times; usually my cousin and I, will take out to a nearby lake. As far as sharks are concerned, I've been shark diving and not once have I been bitten.

  8. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Super fit hahaha most divers I see are the most unfit people around. On holidays mainly – fat Americans

  9. Jonny Bravo says

    I’m a volunteer diver at my local aquarium (Adventure Aquarium in NJ, US) and part of my duty is to do “meet the diver” shows where I wear a full face mask with integrated mic to interact with guests. The audience is invited to ask us questions, and inevitably the most common one I receive is, “aren’t you scared the sharks will eat you?”

    Meanwhile, the great hammerhead is idly swimming by me and completely ignoring me. As are the black tips, the bonnet head, the sand tigers, the sandbars…

    A fun statistic for you to consider: you have a greater chance of injury from your morning trip to the commode than you do of being attacked by a shark.

  10. dharmapunk5 says

    Why did you have to take a dig at a democratically elected president of another country? I watch your videos for scuba stuff, not your puppy comments about your neighbors across the pond. Stick to your own patch when it comes to politics if not leaving it out altogether. Puppy hell.

  11. Khalid Hebshi says

    Are you actually a Flat Earther?

  12. Robert Thompson says

    Doing a shark dive in February and I can't be more excited.

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