1. _Lisi _ says

    It's soooooo dark!

  2. Smackyurface23 says

    Yeah lmao fuck that

  3. ishmael Makembu says

    I think we just found Aquaman

  4. 3000 Wattz says

    Explain to me how he held his breath that long… I can’t barely hold it for 30 seconds!

  5. Crispy Chris says

    Cant even get a minute in holding my breath watching the video lol

  6. Crispy Chris says

    even if I had a scuba suit on and wasn't diving with just my lung capacity I wouldn't swim down there.

  7. Skadi the Beast says

    Must feel really peaceful. Like the best way to wipe your whole damn mind. I mean…if you are able to do that of course…

  8. Tristan Pottier says


  9. Juju Guigui says

    C'est magnifique et flippant à la fois

  10. Stephen Patterson says

    This is so cool yet simultaneously so stressful.

  11. deltamac says

    Voted: unbelievable!

  12. enkibumbu says

    Songs fits video in the most extraordinary way.

  13. Ivan Vegan says

    Nothing is impossible !)

  14. Pilar Buleje says

    Muy valiente!

  15. Dagoberto Godoy says

    Increíble que una persona pueda resistir hasta el extremo…Felicitaciones..

  16. créana créana says

    je viens de finir le livre pofondeur chez ma soeur à nice près du port …. vraiment très fort …

  17. Your Royal Slayness says

    #LEVELS Crazy good! I can watch this over and over and over again.

  18. Zero Mafia boss says

    The real Aquaman

  19. Amihan M says

    i'm surprised he stepped on nothing poisonous down there

  20. arskmp says

    Has anyone in these comments ever freedived before?

  21. T D says


  22. T D says

    No breth

  23. aquaman

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