Coral Reef Aquaculture Farm Dive in Indonesia – Hidden Gardens the Documentary

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OurCoralReef in collaboration with Wallacea films are proud to present you with a Documentary on Hidden Gardens – Coral Farm in Indonesia

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  1. Rheva Ilham Gahfara says

    Is this CV Bali Aquarium?

  2. Rully W. Hendrawan says

    one in Java, anyone know where exactly is that? which city/regency?

  3. Engel Turangan says


  4. Nano Addicts says

    is this like cutting down forests to plants crops? (the natural stuff doesn't look too healthy)

  5. playinragz says

    Problem is color loss from farmed corals. You don’t get the brilliant colors of hard corals like in the wild.

  6. Robbin Staup says

    That is really alsome . Saveing our Oceans ! Thank you !

  7. Era Rt says

    Hii.. My nane is defi.. Im very interesting with this video.. Because I'm an Indonesian. can I know any contact the owner of the garden?.. I'm a student of marine science so I hope I can study more about the coral there..
    If you kind maybe you can give me his email maybe.. Thanks.. 🙂

  8. Red Draken says

    Aren't they harming the already existing natural coral reef when placing those metal tables for growing those fragments? You notice they place them over corals already there which blocks sunlight and even in the video you see them stepping over existing corals. Food for thought.

  9. Nova superb says

    Well, it's coral farming, not coral restoring

  10. babiche1 says

    merci vincent Chalias!

  11. K-reef Aquarium hobby says

    Great video!

  12. paras joshi says

    This men are really angel for marine lives

  13. Grow brasil says

    bubble nice !

  14. Tony Langham says

    Hi, what you are doing is gr8; the world & marine aqua keepers like me in England. How did you get this of the ground from idea-inception – to building now that story would make a very good film. WHO in England has your stock? name please

  15. Shridhar GR says

    Is it possible to use eco friendly supporting table to grow corals at sea ? Bcz u guys r using metal perforated steel tables .

  16. wissam alkatib says

    wow! is Living things

  17. CuteFox says

    I wish we could see some sample end products which made of those corals.

  18. 張林 says

    Please l ask you give me one and send it to me please

  19. 張林 says

    Please Please please please you give me one please

  20. Maria Tampubolon says

    Thank you for caring the coral hope lndonesians more respect with sea animals and avoid littering to the sea

  21. Franklin Dattein says

    Coral farming in front of a world class surf break. Gotta be a dream come true

  22. Phoenician Prince says

    Truly amazing initiative!

  23. Yooo Fufuuu says

    Thank you for this

  24. kharn105 says

    someone answer that damn phone…

  25. yohjo kromwood says


  26. Michel Carrasquel says

    Great work, I love the intro picture before the video starts

  27. Joe's Coral Reef says

    Wow, just the size of the operation is mind blowing. A few of the shots when they show all those coral tables spread across the sea floor is impressive. I’d love to scuba dive and shop for corals

  28. tplummer217 says

    Biggest frag tank ever

  29. エボシガイ says


  30. Jay The Fishman says

    Surely an environmentally sound idea to keep naturally growing corals and algae in the shadow of the coral racks and to have the workers trample over the natural coral beds! Perhaps you should try "coral trees" as used by the Coral Restoration Foundation in Key Largo, Florida, USA, installed over barreen sand fields where they have the least environmental impact.

  31. owo says


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