Swimming Backstroke With The HJKB K2 Full Face Snorkel Mask

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With it’s unique moveable air intake tubes, the K2 Full Face Snorkel Mask from HJKB allows you to perform a backstroke swimming style while wearing it! If you’re a photographer you may find my Lightroom Presets handy:

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This is vlog 276 since I began this channel in August 2015.

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Rating: 4.84

  1. Adarsh Vijayakumar says

    Hi, can you let me know how to dismantle this mask again? I have bought one and assembled it but unable to take it apart for packing again. How to remove the snorkel tubes again from the mask?

  2. Foxtrot November says

    Not available for purchase? LOL! It's already available online for $44.45.

  3. Denver Alferez says

    Thanks for the review, is it really easier to breathe with that two tubes compare to the traditional snorkel?

  4. Twechar Climber says

    Great honest review, it's a NO from me, can't beat an old fashioned snorkel, at least if you get a mouth full of water you can spit the snorkel out, great work man

  5. Mr Phoenix says

    I can Buy it on eBay Woohoo! But it's costs £50 to £40 🙁 . Anyway love your vids man I enjoy whachting you test new snorkels out, I hope they a add a snorkel where you breathe underwater. THAT WOULD BE DOPE!

  6. Tim Areskog says

    Hi Benon, good thorough review. I think most snorkelers would at some stage dive under the water, so it seems a bit odd that a face mask would come out without this capability. The issue of the mask movement against the face when inhaling or exhaling may be caused by the head straps being too easily stretchable and possible the silicon "I" seal around the mask being too flexible.
    The anti-fog layer looks like it works beautifully – about time a manufacturer got it right !
    I would like to see longer breathing tubes so they can clear the top of waves or allow swimming slightly under the water surface, as well as that apparent seal failure letting water enter when surfacing being rectified.
    Apart from that this mask looks quite good,

  7. The Happy Canadian says

    That was a neat snorkel mask. Great honest review my friend

  8. Barry's Views says

    Nice review Benon, At last you found one that doesn't fog up and it didn't look like it was moving hopefully when they release it it will be a lot better but it's great that they got in touch with you to review a prototype just a shame their didn't fly you to Fiji to review it LOL

  9. Jason Ng says

    Back for another great video GivesAMinute ..love it…smash the like button for you …stay connect eachother 🙂

  10. Mark Ensbey says

    sensational in depth review Legend. Loved it

  11. TheRacing Gamer says

    What I really like about this mask is that any exhaled air doesn't get breathed in again; it gets exhaled out of the mask. That's awesome

  12. Edie Murphy says

    Your out of time stories crack me up Benon! I never associated the backstroke with snorkeling, but I guess now it’s an option.

  13. That was a good review the job mate

  14. They should have the snorkel set so as you turn your head they position themselves always staying up right

  15. K.2 could be a reference to the mountain.. to make it sound Exotic

  16. Sergio Sipos says

    Can't miss your snorkel reviews!! Looks awesome but we always know there are some flaws and things that doesn't work as planned. Hope they address the issues and launch a mask with no issues so we can buy one!!!

  17. Baxter Hurley says

    Subscribe to pocmorn

  18. TheRacing Gamer says

    Seems awesome. And yes this is a prototype. I doubled check on Google and YouTube with absolutely 0 results.

  19. GP-5 says

    where can i find one?

  20. Ross Major says

    Hey great video at the start i was really keen on the mask and after watching the clip my confidence in the mask kept dropping looks like there still alot of bugs to sort out. But the design concept looks amazing

  21. Fwullie says

    i still dont know why i watch these videos, the last time i have seen a beach was in 2006

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