Oceanic VTX Dive Computer Product Review

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Freddy’s 5280 Scuba review of the Oceanic VTX Dive Computer

The Oceanic VTx is the future of personal dive computers! Powered by OLED color display Cuttingedge Bluetooth technology coupled with powerful features could not be any easier to experience. A hoseless air-integrated computer with patented air time remaining algorithm. High contrast OLED color screen, tilt compensated 3-axis digital compass, Bluetooth ready, up to 4 nitrox mixes, user replaceable battery, and an intuitive push button menu system.

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Freddy’s 5280 Scuba review of the Oceanic VTX Dive Computer

Rating: 4.50

  1. James Baxter says

    As I don’t dive as yet, but looking to do that if my health is good. With this item, as I am looking at the air line from the talk, so what do you think, as there are other items there as well.

  2. Sean Murphy says

    This guy probably was smoking some crack before he presented that computer

  3. Sean Murphy says

    That guy is totally full of s***

  4. Sean Murphy says

    $1,000 paperweight

  5. Sean Murphy says

    Can't read it in the daytime underwater

  6. Sean Murphy says

    This computer totally sucks ass

  7. Shaun Belland says

    Thank you for the detailed review. I have been trying to decide which dive computer to get, and your review helped me decide. I will be going with the Oceanic VTX!

  8. Will Arrington says

    Are these wireless transmitters for psi read out super reliable? Makes me nervous for some reason not having a wired one. Is this a silly concern?

  9. 5280 Scuba says

    Thank you all for your feedback. We truly appreciate your interest and enthusiasm.
    We apologize for not responding sooner, but we have been working diligently on getting our website up and running.
    Now that we are live at http://www.5280scuba.com , we will be hard at work engaging with you fine folks on YouTube and creating new content for you all to enjoy.
    Please keep the comments coming. We are reading them all.
    Thanks Again.
    5280 Scuba Team

  10. Nihuel Martinovic says

    Super thorough and helpful!

  11. Tutakton says


    First time i see one of your reviews.

    I am sold that you are making frank reviews as the result of your experience.

    And i think that is what was missing in the industry. A lot of people (at least to me) is paid to make a certain product look good.

    I also, loved how you present it.

    Proper English, good explanation.

    Thank you for the review since i was also looking to buy a dive computer and am confused by the choices.

    Great work.

  12. Alan Hunter says

    Hi Thanks for the review… I would be interested in seeing a review on the Scubapro G2

  13. African Twin says

    shearwater perdix for me instead of the vtx

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