How to Fit a Drysuit –

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This video explains how to measure yourself for a new drysuit to ensure you order the correct size. The video goes into how to put your suit on correctly to avoid damage and how to check that it is the correct size.

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  1. Anti Statsi Cutter says

    And if not fitted right. Out over 1k

  2. Jeffrey Bohémier says

    Actually, doing those steps doesn’t guarantee a perfect fitting drysuit. While that ensures that it’s not too small, it could certainly be too big. And that’s going to make an impact on the amount of drag you’ve got going through the water. You’ve already got enough drag with all your dive gear without having to add to it with an oversized drysuit. Unfortunately, if you’re on the small side, there’s not a lot to choose from. Most manufacturers have ignored short divers when it comes to sizing their products. You’d think there was some imaginary size requirement before you can scuba dive.

  3. Michael Frymus says

    for fins, would i need to get larger fins to accommodate a dry suit? Mine are a good fit for wetsuits

  4. Firefitindivr says

    Huge rip in the rt leg @ 3:16

  5. BoogieDoobie says

    That aint no silicone seals mate..

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