Scubapro MK2 Plus R195 Regulator –

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The Scubapro Mk2+ R195 is a simple and reliable regulator that offers excellent value for money.

The MK2+ first stage is an unbalanced piston design with just one moving part for ultimate reliability. Four low pressure ports and one high pressure port are arranged around the main body of the first stage

The R195 is a modern second stage with retro styling which is primarily designed to compliment the G250 second stage. The R195 continues the simple but very reliable theme with a classic downstream valve and minimal adjustment controls. The R195 provides venturi adjustment to control the flow of air within the housing, providing additional protection against free flows or maximum flow to the mouthpiece. The R195 housing and valve can also be swapped by a technician from right hand feed to left if required/

Rating: 5.00

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