Scubapro MK25 S600 Regulator –

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The Scubapro MK25 S600 is a super high performance regulator with a balanced piston first stage and balanced second stage.

The MK25 is one of the highest performing first stages currently available and uses a high air flow balanced piston design. The MK25 is suitable for cold water uses by including anti-freeze coatings and thermal sleeves on the piston and main spring to protect them from the cold. The main body also has a number of heat exchanger fins built into it’s design to improve thermal transfer. Five low pressure ports are provided on a swivelling low pressure turret to optimal hose routing and configuration. Two high pressure ports on the main body allowing for the attachment of a manual pressure gauge and a wireless transmitter if required.

The S600 delivers excellent performance, flow rate and low inhalation resistance. The inhalation adjuster that is incorporated into the balanced downstream valve gives the diver control over the valve performance and characteristics. A venturi adjustment switch gives the diver control over air flow within the second stage, improving free flow protection or maximising performance.

Rating: 4.63

  1. Rainer Halbich says

    If you take a brand new s600 off the shelf and you strip it, you will find that it is cracked.

  2. OTG414 says

    Please reference the second law of thermodynamics. You cannot "draw cold out of a system". Increased surface area facilitates the transfer of HEAT into or out of a system based on a thermal gradient towards a systemic thermodynamic equilibrium with the highest possible uniform entropy. As a compressed gas expands it cools. Those fins draw heat from the surrounding environment to prevent freezing. Cold is the absence of energy and as such, is nontransferable.

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