Atomic Splitfin Full Foot Fin –

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The Atomic Aquatics Foot Fin are the full foot version of the incredibly popular open heel Atomic SplitFin and has all of the same features in a lighter format. Atomic use a number of design techniques to mimic ‘Natures Wings’ including the main reinforcement side bars which control storage and release of energy, semi rigid panels to control the flex and shape of the blade, flexible joints between the panels to allow rapid reponse to kicking movements and the split blade itself that cuts through the water to create lift and thrust which is what propels the diver forward much more efficiently than a standard blade.

Rating: 4.29

  1. [Insert Name Here] says

    Warning with these fins after I bought and used them. They're great for underwater use but difficult to use when at the surface due the higher than average rigidity. Don't listen to the marketing speak about the split making it easier to use. My old non-split fins are far easier to move than these.

  2. Houssem Ben Abdallah says

    witch material the blade is made from ?
    how much it cost in Europe ?

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