Scubapro Rebel Kids BCD –

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The Scubapro Rebel Kids BCD is made just for kids that can grow with your child so they won’t grow out of it quickly. Double clips on each shoulder strap add extra growth for when they grow up. The velcro cummerbund and jacket shape of the BCD will hold them securely without riding up.

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Rating: 5.00

  1. Oxyify Fr says

    Can i get this with american money

  2. Feidhlim O shea says

    At 5ft tall and 10 years old should I get an adult Bcd or a kids

  3. HealthSupercharger says

    Nice review, Just one question please. At the smallest setting what is the minimum body size of a child that it will fit if they have a thick 7mm wet suit. Will this be good for 60lb 7 year old kids?? or is this pushing it?

  4. Diki Zulkarnain says

    what colour options do they come in. Do you ship worldwide

  5. Michael B says

    1 of the BEST reviewers!!!

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