Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS –

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The Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS is a compact personal locater beacon, PLB, that will lead AIS equipped ships directly to you if you’re lost at sea. Waterproof to 130m you can take it diving and if you surface and can’t find your boat just open it up, push the red button and the beacon will broadcast your location to vessels fitted with AIS up to 34miles away.
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  1. Ozzy Guy says

    BULLSHIT! This toy will just give divers a false sense of security. It DOESN'T transmit location to satellites so is no replacement for a real PLB!

  2. reefseeker says

    CR123 3 volt. 2 of them, not AAA FYI

  3. Bas says

    34m or 34NM is a range it will never get. Its a vhf signal and it travels via a straight line. As you're at the surface the max range will be somewhere in the range of 5NM as the average diveboat is also low to the water. Planes and helicopters or big commercial vessels are able to pick up your signal earlier but dont rely on it.
    On average we are happy on board when we can make VHF contact to other stations an 17 to 20Nm

  4. Michael toia says


  5. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Do you think you guys will ever get a dealership license with watershed drybags in America? I think it would be massively beneficial for your sales as everything is looking for a drybag this solid

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