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The Apeks Sidemount Regulator Set is the first CE approved package containing all the components needed to assemble a complete sidemount regulator set up. The package is built around the incredibly reliable XTX50 DST, a balanced and environmentally sealed first and second stage system that is designed to cold water use.

The complete package includes:

2 x XTX50 second stage
2 x sets of interchangeable small exhaust covers (large fitted)
5 x cable ties for clip and accessory attachment
5 x 700mm bungee cord for second stage necklace and hose restraint
2 x DST first stage DIN 300 Bar with 5th port upgrade fitted
1 x 600mm Black Flexi regulator hose
1 x 2100mm Black Flexi regulator hose
2 x STEC 200mm Black Flexi inflator hose
1 x 90 degree fixed elbow
2 x Pressure gauge and 200mm hose assembly
1 x 75mm stainless steel bolt snap
5 x O-rings for use with bungee cords

Rating: 4.63

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  1. Yggdrasil42 says

    Thanks for showing all the contents. Surprisingly, this set appears not to have changed in 6 years, as far as I can tell.

    I'm on the fence about either this set or the Scubapro MK25/G260 sidemount set. Around the same price. What would you suggest?

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