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The Scubapro Spectra Dry Top Snorkel is a snorkel with a dry valve on the top that closes the top of the snorkel when your head goes under the water to stop it filling with water. The bottom of the snorkel has a one-way purge valve that pushes out any water that gets into the snorkel.

Dry Snorkel
The top of the snorkel has a float that closes the top as you go under the water to stop water from flooding in, when you get back to the surface it drops down again so you can breathe again. The top of the snorkel also has a splash guard to deflect any waves from getting in the snorkel.
The bottom of the snorkel has a water trap that holds any water that does get into the snorkel away from the mouthpiece so you can still breathe even if there is water inside but every time you exhale that trapped water will be pushed out of the one-way valve clearing the snorkel.

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  1. Sniper Mikey says

    This is my favorite brand and snorkel

  2. Stevan Gajic says

    What color combination is that ?

  3. fantastic brothers says

    hi how are u. thx for the video and i have a question now if the snorkel had full of water inside is that thing remove all water if i make exhalation or that thing down not take alot of water out just a few?

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