Scubapro Carbon Black Tech MK25 A700 Regulator –

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The Scubapro Carbon Black Tech MK25 EVO A700 Regulator is a very high performance regulator that is designed for cold conditions with a black scratch and corrosion resistant coating and a light weight Carbon fibre front cover. The MK25 first stage is paired with the metal bodied A700 second stage for effortless breathe and excellent cold water performance.

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Rating: 4.82

  1. Aqua Holic says

    Just bought this reg a few weeks ago and already have about 10 dives on it so far…this thing is awesome. It's effortless to breath off of

  2. Andre N says

    5 low then 2 hp then 5 hp? Confusing

  3. TechnicalDevil says

    Any idea if I could get this with a braided hose?

  4. colin burkett says

    Would you recommend it for saltwater diving

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