Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer –

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The Suunto Eon Steel Computer is a wrist mounted, full colour screen personal dive computer.

Further videos on the EON Steel Dive Computer can be found on Suunto’s Channel here:

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  1. Sean John says

    Do you need to have the pod connected or can you use the computer by itself?

  2. N8Ryder says

    Sooooooo glad you can change the units to be a mix of imperial and metric at the same time. That for me is a serious selling feature that a lot of computers don't have or at least haven't had. I think I've found my new computer

  3. Arturo Marchand says

    FYI, Compass declination is not how much you can tilt like the narrator says, its how many degrees to adjust the compass so that it points to True North.  

  4. OSimmonds says

    A 5 Amp USB supply is a huge amount of power, there is no way a standard USB port/charger will give anyway near this amount of current – an iPad takes 2.1A to charge. Do you actually mean a 5 Volt USB (the standard USB voltage)??

  5. Simply Scuba says

    Despite earlier estimations Suunto have decided that the EON Steel is not quite ready to be released yet.  Suunto have incredibly high standards for each and every one of their Dive Computers and with all of the technological innovations in the EON Steel; Suunto want to make sure it is completely ready before they release it.

    Suunto are now estimating a Spring 2015 release but will strive hard to complete all of their testing and release the EON Steel as early as possible.  With so many innovations and possible future upgrades and updates the EON Steel has, Suunto want a little more time before they finally release it.

  6. Mctoro says

    do keep on posting more video's of the suunto eon steel and also in DM5 mode ?

  7. Simply Scuba says

    Correction to the video; declination on the compass can be altered to compensate for which hemisphere you are in for an accurate compass.

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