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The Santi Heated Gloves work as any other dry-glove liner with the added benefit of small flexible heating elements on the back of your hands to keep them warm in the coldest of waters. The small heating elements are flexible enough for full movement across your hands and the breathable fabric keeps your hands warm even if not connected to power.


Maximum heating temperature 40°C,
Maximum heating power: 30 W (pair),
Run time:

SANTI battery 6 Ah / about 2,5h of heating,
10 Ah battery / about 4 hours of heating,
20 Ah battery / about 8 hours of heating,
Made of breathable fabric,
Keeps you warm even when the heating is off,
Evenly distributed heating wiring that allows for freedom of movements in palms,
Easy connection to SANTI heated vest and undersuit,
CE certified.

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