Suunto Vyper Air –

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The Suunto Vyper Air is a fantastic recreational dive computer with the option of adding a wireless transmitter for on-screen cylinder pressure.

Rating: 4.73

  1. Gayle Weber says

    Make sure you're not in "gauge" mode when you dive. It gets really testy when you do that. Bad, Bad. I learned the hard way. Apparently, if you remove the battery and then replace it, you can reset it and get it out of gauge mode. Otherwise, it wants you to wait 48 hours before it can be reset. I didn't remove the battery because I didn't want to mess anything up.

  2. Simply Scuba says

    @jasrotsvast If you go to approximately 4:20 in the video you will see Cd – – in the bottom left of the dive computer screen as you look at it. When a transmitter is paired with the computer the current cylinder pressure is displayed here.

  3. jasrotsvast says

    and where do you see how much air you have left?

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