Suunto Vyper Air Black with USB –

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The Vyper Air Black is an air intergrated computer with Suunto’s RGBM algorithm.

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  1. CCC2010cg says

    Next to the select and mode button you see red and black dots, can anyone tell me why they are there for?

  2. Say Cheese Videobooth says

    This beats the manual! 🙂 Thanks

  3. Vi Cr says

    I purchased this computer in August and used your awesome video to work the basic functions of the Vyper. Thanks a lot for posting these. HUGE help. Great job!!!!!

  4. Johan Henderson says

    thanks just done that and it works great!

  5. Simply Scuba says

    Hey Johan, you may need to calibrate the compass in the settings menu. details can be found on page 30 of your user manual.
    Safe Diving,

  6. Johan Henderson says

    sorry the compass

  7. Johan Henderson says

    I've recently purchased a vyper air and when on compass mode the is always on north with no bearing shown

  8. Simply Scuba says

    Want to know more before you buy? Find out all about the Suunto Vyper Air Black in one of our latest videos… 

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