Scubapro XP Pack Duo Roller Bag –

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The Scubapro XP Pack Duo Roller Bag is a lightweight and durable bag to carry your dive kit too and from the dive site and around airports. One large simple compartment keeps your gear together and allows for more space for larger items like your BCD.

Large Single Compartment
Unlike other bags that have several smaller compartments put together to make one large bag the XP Duo is mainly one large compartment with a few zippered pouches. Two mesh pockets and a zippered front cover for smaller items with a bright blue lining that helps you see smaller items inside.

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Rating: 4.69

  1. anderson boy says

    Anyway, thank you for reviewing it!

  2. anderson boy says

    It has 144 liters of capacity.

  3. Rafael Löffler says

    Can you change the roles? against Inlineskating roles?

  4. DracariaEntertainment says

    would also be nice to actually see you putting a full kit in the bag and how it would actually fit inside

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