How to Replace Suunto Dive Computer Batteries –

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This video details how to replace the batteries in the current Suunto large module dive computers including the Gekko, Zoop, Vyper, Vyper 2, Vyper Air, Vytec, Vytec DS and HelO2. All units use the same battery kits and use the same basic replacement procedure. The only difference between the different Suunto dive computers is whether a rubber boot has to be removed first.

Replacement Suunto battery kits can be purchased at Simply Scuba

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  1. Locke Branford says

    Great Job!!!! I was awfully close to spending 30 dollars to have this done, half for the computer, and the other have for the transmitter!!! Well done!!!!!

  2. Simon Dedman says

    Thanks mate, appreciate this!

  3. Chris Lamprecht says

    Thank you very much for this video… managed as displayed and comp is alive and kicking after 2 years being offline 🙂

  4. Skunki says

    Today, there are plenty of stores who assemble their own "original" Suunto O-Ring kit. Like a bad counterfeiter, they use parts that "almost" fit. The way shown works only when you got the real thing from Suunto! If not, for me the size of the O-Ring was wrong by up to 3 mm. It may still be a tight fit, but you have to put the O-Ring in it's seat on the cap and then put the cap on with the O-Ring already in place. The inner diameter of the O-Ring needs to be one step smaller than 31,44 mm and it's thickness 1,78 mm to make it work like in the video. Of course, when your construction fails, your supplier will claim its all your fault.

  5. diversaint2011 says

    I see you haven't uploaded a video on how to change the battery on a Suunto Spyder ACW. I wonder why!!! Could it be because you charge £50 plus the P&P and don't want to lose that business?

  6. Andé Posenau says

    Great video! So easy and it's just needed round about 5 minutes at my first try. Great explanation! I a dive shop in Germany you pay round about 30,- for the battery and the change. Just the battery is round about 10,-.

  7. harel zar says

    Thanks a lot, was very helpful 😉

  8. Андрей ААВ says

    thank you

  9. Max Longo says

    I will stay away from Suunto, far away:

  10. Jon DavaoCity says

    Great thanks!!

  11. Diana López Ferrando says

    Thanks guys for your help! Was pretty easy change the battery in my Vyper 2 😀

  12. Candida Kutz says

    I soaked the entire unit in warm water to make the plastic band more pliable and much easier to push out with my thumb.I removed the battery using a battery replacement tool, which obviated the need for a pick.

  13. Ben Wilson says

    Thank you. I have a barely used 10 year old gekko. Followed these instructions and put back the old o ring and battery to check i could do it. All works fine but i can rock the back plate back and forth by half a millemeter or so. Is this normal or is there a water test i can do without risk of damage.

  14. Divemadness Esquire says

    How much is the kit? As a battery costs 2$

  15. Charles Leeuwenburg says

    The counter people at the two local PADI dive shops said my unit would have to be sent off to a service center for a battery change – Not! Excellent demonstration! So simple, a PADI dive instructor could do it. Bought the service kit off of AMAZON for 15 USD.

  16. Jeff Hartford says

    Good one! thankx!

  17. anthony miller says

    you don't remove the strap that way? you put a pin trough the side

  18. supriatna ade says

    jam suunto memang bagus

  19. Helen Tolputt says

    So easy ….thank you Simply Scuba!


    Am so glad you guys have put this up! Was planning to send my computer from India to Thailand just to get this simple thing done. Thanks a ton!

  21. condo2u says

    Used this video AGAIN to change the battery in one of our Vypers. Excellent work gents! I must be getting better; it went much faster this time! Thanks again.

  22. Simon Waterfall says

    i changed the battery in no time… however sunnto need a kick up the backside for design. now scared i will lose my computer from my wrist after forcefully trying to put the strap back on… what a bad design but thanks simply scuba

  23. Ed van Loon says

    Thanks for that!! Great job.

  24. Julya Walsh says

    As a female of reasonably advanced age and without a degree in engineering I was petrified at the thought of changing the battery on my Vyper. Today, as I am flying out on Saturday I checked my computer to find the battery had finally failed. I followed your instructions which are clear and precise and the whole process though scary was a doddle. Thanks guys for making this so easy.

  25. shazmac says

    I managed to change battery but cannot get the back in place???? Is it just a strength thing??

  26. Pierre-Louis Guth says

    Thanks a lot for those explanations. I just changed the battery of my Vyper very easily. Your video is very clear and quite easy to follow. Great job !

  27. Paul McKeown says

    Thanks for that, very clear and easy to follow tutorial!

  28. virginialabelle says

    Wow, this worked perfectly – I supposed I shouldn't sound so surprised, but this was really easy to do, thanks to your video!  All the best from Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada) – Virginia Labelle – Yukon Scuba

  29. drmoynihan says

    Thank you very much for this video.
    It had been quite a while since I switched out the battery in my Vytec.  Probably a couple of hundred dives ago and in between I had my tec do it.

    My Vytec has been recording the first dive and then flashing full nonsense screen to clock screen.  I called Suunto and got no real help except to guide me to their "Product Support" screen to send it in for the minimum of $40.00.

    I then called my regular tec/Ed at Eugene Skin Divers Supply (over 1 hour away, or I would have just taken it to him).  He told me that when the battery gets low on the Suunto it goes crazy and then he described what was happening to my Suunto.  Ed then described how to change the battery.  The manual is so inadequate on the instructions, but I kinda remember with Ed reminding me.  When I sat down with all the stuff to do the changeout, I said to my wife, "I bet YouTube will have a how to change out the battery in a Suunto Vytec Dive Computer."  YAY – there was a number of them, but yours looked the best.  I watched it and remember how easy it is and, with the added confidence the video gave me, I then switched out the battery and it works!!!!  

    No, I don't have a pressure chamber, but I have changed it years before and I feel confident that all went smoothly, so I'm sure it's great.

    Thank you again for your help.

  30. louise brown says

    Hi, I am Louise from Australia. Sent my VYTEC away to SUUNTo and now I have been told the unit is "cactus" meaning not working because inspite of a new battery the display is blank. Have you ever come acreoss this issue and know a solution?

  31. Lo joshua says

    Will the data lost after changing the battery?

  32. chaitanya athale says

    amazingly clear. i was freaked out because suunto hasn't got a branch in india and word was the computer was "sunk". Vyper. But now its all good! Keep it up!

  33. Michelle Arduini says

    Thank you so much for this awesome video!  Super easy to follow and totally got rid of all my fears of changing my own battery!  Very happy to have my Zoop back in the water 😀 Thanks again!!

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