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The Suunto EON Core Dive Computer is a bright, intuitive colour screen wrist computer made for the travelling diver who wants an easy to under stand computer that they can read in all conditions. The colour screen can be fully customised to your needs and the Core’s software can be updated at a later date by connecting to DM5.

A lighter and more compact version of the popular EON Steel Dive Computer but with many of the same features and benefits the Core sits just below the Steel in the Suunto range. Inside the Core is much the same as the steel and has a similar structure but it is made out of lighter materials.
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Rating: 4.56

  1. Marly Sharky says

    Would you recommend it for multigaz diving?

  2. Tomas Machourek says

    hi, how does it differ from EON STEEL? my understanding is different materials, it is lighter, smaller and you can use it upto 80m (instead of 150 with STEEL) as for the rest it is exactly the same .. and core is cheaper .. correct?

  3. Al Mendoza says

    How long is the lifespan of rechargeable batteries before replacement? Does not say its User replaceable and cost for the battery?

  4. the woosp says

    very nice!

  5. GuitarPartho says

    Don't get the pricing of this. Why is it more expensive than a Shearwater Perdix AI WITH the Transmitter + Tank Pod?

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