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The D4i is the new dive computer from Suunto giving you the great freediving features from the Suunto D4 but you also have the option of a wireless readout of your tank pressure and air time. The internal electronics are all new with increased memory and accuracy as is the optional wireless air integration which informs you of your current cylinder pressure and remaining air time to keep you safe.

This Suunto dive computer comes in a variety of colours to suit your style.


Optional wireless air integration (current cylinder pressure & remaining air time)
Full continuous decompression algorithm
Timer in Dive Mode
3 Dive modes: air, nitrox & free
All new electronic internals, increasing memory and accuracy

If you have Suunto Dive Manager, you can access Suunto’s free service at to give you a deeper understanding of your activities as part of an active online community. Share your dives online or see where others have explored.

Rating: 4.36

  1. Mohammad Ergsous says

    Can we change the partial pressure for the air mode?

    Or is it only limited under nitrox mode only?

  2. TDominoezz says

    I'm a beginner diver but I want to buy a good computer which I can use for many years I can choose from:
    suunto d4i
    cressi newton titanium
    cressi goa
    please tell me which one to get!

  3. Morena Linda says

    D4i or cressi giotto and why???

  4. Simply Scuba says

    Hey +Johan Muller, the D4i works out your air time remaining based on tank pressure, breathing rate and current depth so you can better plan your dive based on how long your gas will last at your current depth.
    Safe Diving,

  5. Johan Muller says

    When under the water doe's it manualy calculate your dive time acording to the wirless precure gage reading?

  6. moretti144 says

    Hi , for the same about the same price ,would you reccomend me the d4i or the cressi newton ?

  7. Tom Knudsen says

    How does it fit on a drysuit?

  8. lifesuxanyway says

    Awesome computer !
    i have it also and i can say that is the best one !!!

  9. ebazyli says

    The Only, the One, the Best!

  10. subik333 says

    Strap is the main problem of this computer!

  11. pathfinderLXXIV says

    Why is it that th instruction manual shows nothing about conneting the USB cord or syncing with the PC application?
    I bought one of these this weekend, dove it, and had the hardest time getting it to sync with DM4. I'm fairly certain the cord that came with the watch was the wrong one because it doesn't line up right and doesn't "connect". I just managed to get the contacts to touch long enough to get it to sync but I'm pretty sure that wasn't by design.

  12. Jesse Post says

    Would you suggest the Suunto D4i or the Oceanic Atom 3.1?

  13. Ning June says

    thank you very much for the walk thru!

  14. Rowan Doherty says

    Are Suunto likely to release new computers anytime soon? How long do they normally have between generations?

    I'm interested in a D6i, but I'm not sure if I should wait. I do a lot of freediving/spearfishing, but some scuba too.

  15. Saud Al Zahrani says

    how to stop SUUNTO D4i

  16. Simply Scuba says

    Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately we are not understanding completely what information you require clarified. Please feel free to re-submit the enquiry and we will try our best to assist. Thank you.

  17. Gonçalo Mourão says

    I can be a clarifying question? when they procure diving with my clock can not hear the signals and in terms of health are good my ear is it normal!?

  18. Simply Scuba says

    I assume you are refrring to free dive mode – if that is the case then yes this has full free dive mode with depth and time.

  19. zaQty says

    good intro – does this model have downtimer as D3 used to have?

  20. Ivan Chonev says

    unique clock

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