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The Pro Ear Mask in Blue from IST is for divers who have difficulty in equalising and problems with ear infections regardless of experience. More dives are aborted and more diving holidays shortened due to ear problems than any other cause.
Water and pressure affect every diver’s ears. Infection and discomfort to the ear are the most common health risks involved in diving, often causing permanent damage. Many divers find they must interrupt expensive, long awaited diving holidays as a result of ear problems. The financial loss and unfulfilled expectations are enormous.


Silicone strap mounted on swivel buckles. A large contact surface secures the mask to the wearer
Clear skirt is made from hypoallergenic silicone and conforms to a wide range of facial profiles
Equalisation tubes. A one way valve is placed inside each tube, air is allowed to travel from the mask to the ear covers for pressure and equalisation and water clearance while stopping water flooding the mask in the unlikely event of flooded ear covers.
Ear Covers. Soft silicone ear covers form a water tight seal between the ear drum and the cover. The pressure buffer created has the same pressure as your nasal cavity mask when air exhaled through the nose is introduced through the equalisation tubes. Therefore the pressure experienced in your middle and outer ear is the same and the “squeeze” from the ambient will be significantly reduced. Other benefits by keeping the ears sealed include reduced chance of an ear infection from water, improved sense of direction and warmth retention.

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  1. shivu7sm1 says

    How to clear the ear mask if water enters during dive?

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