Scubapro Synergy Twin mask –

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The Scubapro Synergy is a twin lens mask that uses Scubapro’s new TruFit skirt technology which implements varying silicone thickness and strength to offer improved fit, comfort and seal. The mask uses a minimal frame construction to reduce the overall size, profile and weight of the mask. The TruFit skirt uses two different thicknesses of a high quality silicone, a thicker and firmer section near the frame to provide strength and rigidity and a thinner section near the face to provide a softer feel and better seal.

Rating: 3.95

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  1. cool bananas says

    i call bullshit. you obviously have no idea what 400 kPa does to a pissweak bit of silicone. 400 kPa is 133 times the design loading of a concrete building – a teeny-weenie bit more that your little-bitty mask can resist "without buckling"

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