Scubapro G2 Dive Computer With Transmitter And HRM –

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The Scubapro G2 Dive Computer with Transmitter and Heart Rate Monitor is a complete package with wireless air integration and a heart rate belt so you can see exactly how long your gas will last and your computer knows how hard you’re working to adjust your algorithm and tailor your dive profile so you are as safe as possible while staying down as long as possible. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery and customisable screen mean you can use the G2 for your whole dive career and caters to every level of diver.
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Rating: 4.74

  1. Ronald Johnson says

    Owner of ScubaPro G2 wireless. PERFECT….except there is so much glare on the screen, I cannot read it. Very disappointed and ScubaPro says “oh…you’re th first to,mention this.” Caveat….before you buy one, dive it and see how reflective the screen is. I’ll take my old LCD Galileo Luna over this one. At least I can read it!

  2. Anwar Buchoo says

    one of the best dive computers i've owned. can anyone please indicate to me how to use the strap retainer among the accessories ?

  3. Barracuda06 says

    This computer is a little jewel, love it at first i made the mistake to buy a aqualung i750 a real nightmare bugs, no autonomy you have to change the batterie every 6 dives! The menu was so poor! And it's impossible to read anything when the light is bright! Fortunately i 've been refunded. Galileo 2 is perfect! You can read it even when light is really bright! The complete opposite! Wonderful! From France, good dives guys! 😉

  4. John McGuinness says

    love it, but with me just after christmas its a case of champagne tastes, beer budget

  5. DracariaEntertainment says

    Definitely looks like top kit. Still like the eon steel tho maybe better

  6. JinHyup Lee says

    Thank You For Good Information^^

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