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The OceanREEF Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask combines your mask and snorkel into one to keep any and all water away from your face, nose and mouth. The freedom you get wearing the Aria allows you to breathe through both nose and mouth while it defogs your mask with every breath. The large size allows for a wide field of vision and more natural feeling in the water.

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Rating: 4.59

  1. BANE760 says

    This product sucks I see how people would drown I was out there trying to dive and every time I surface the ball locks not allowing you to breathers which makes u take ur mask off smh

  2. LocálkoJede says

    I have a question..
    How to remove snorchel from it ??
    I need quick answer 🙂 …

  3. Adil Al khalid says

    How about CO2 buildup or CO2 poisoning ?…..

  4. The Red Feather says

    Infinit breathing?

  5. BIGWOOD3160 says

    People are drowning using this product

  6. Awesome Kid says


  7. jack schitt says

    you do know that you cant equalize with it on?

  8. marco moncada says

    What about ir i Need me prescription glasses? Would water come in?

  9. ace Grandison says

    Hi my beard is as long as you (the reviewer) I just tried the "Tribord easybreath " and water seeped in through the bottom, making it impossible to use, have you tried that one ,(maybe you have a tip) or would you recommend this one instead?

  10. ace Grandison says

    Does this one work with a beard?

  11. Ek Chuah Studios says

    Great mask.

  12. Jase Smedley says

    Does it work with your beard

  13. Ivan Y says

    Hello, how would you compare this to all other full face masks out there?

  14. T'su'tey Tausa'afia says

    Wonder if I get a walrus instead of a seal

  15. atlantean 107 says

    I'm hoping to get one of these for christmas so I can get used to it and eventually use the ocen reef Neptune space g full face scuba mask

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