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The Mares Diving Box can be used to store and transport your scuba diving equipment before and after diving.

Rugged Wheels with a fold-away handle aid easy transport to and from the dive site without the need for heavy lifting. Ambidextrous design and large carry handles make it easy to move around .

Removable Hinged Lid can be locked down with four swing handles, swing open by removing two handles from one side or removed completley by removing all four handles for easy access.

Water Tight Design will contain all of your wet dive gear and keep the boot of your car dry and clean. After dives the box can be filled with water to wash or soak your dive gear after use.

Secure Padlock Closure can lock your valuables inside to stop casual theft.

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Rating: 4.92

  1. rick raub says

    How much is the box? Can't find price online or you're site. Thanks

  2. Terminal Cancer says

    Ironic that your stores avatar isn’t wearing a SCUBA system

  3. Leo White says

    ive had one but using it in cold weather conditions breaks easily. now im using a durable samsonite product.

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